Speaking hip hop with Salomon Faye


Born in Paris, Salomon Faye grew up in the home of some of the biggest names in HipHop : Harlem, From opening for Hit-boy (the producer of “N*ggas in paris”) ,The Knitting FactoryApostrophe and Ryan Leslie (Good Music) to performing at private art galleries, he really created a buzz through his independent record label, IlluZion Entwhich earned him a lot of airplay in some countries. His feature on “I speak HipHop”(which is a very popular song in the  underground HipHop world in France) by Cool Connexion was his first big steps in this game. Since, he’s been blessing our ears and eyes with songs like Alchemy and Fools Gold .He’s also featured on Wynter Gordons beautiful hit-single TomorrowIn a recent interview we had with the best new underground artist(Complex), we had the chance to discuss his art in all of its aspects and his future projects. Peep the conversation below.

Né à Paris, Salomon Faye a grandi à Harlem, berceau des meilleurs noms du Hip Hop. Assurant la première partie d‘Hit-Boy (le producteur derrière le hit «N*ggas in Paris»), The Knitting FactoryApostrophe and Ryan Leslie (Good Music) ou encore performant dans des galeries d’art privées, il a su créer le buzz grâce à son label de production, IlluZion Ent, qui lui a valu beaucoup d’airplay dans plusieurs pays. Sa participation au titre “I speak HipHop” – Cool Connexion (titre ayant eu un bon écho dans le milieu underground parisien) a marqué son entrée fracassante dans le game. Depuis, il n’a fait que combler nos oreilles avec, entre autres, des titres comme Alchemy ou encore Fools Gold. Il a également collaboré avec Wynter Gordon sur le hit Tomorrow. Le nouveau talent nous a accordé une interview où nous avons eu la chance de discuter avec lui de son art dans tous les sens du terme ainsi que de ses futurs projets.

Voyez plutôt par vous-même :

-In a recent interview you had ,you told them that both your parents were Musicians. Did you use to listen to them play as a child?

-My mom use to bring in the her studio sessions and band rehearsals as a baby in her little pouch she had me strapped to her front or back.. When ever I was with my dad he’d have his flute and percussion with him jamming away…

-Did/do you like their types of music?

-It’s cool. 

-Is your music influenced by theirs?

-I’m sure naturally because they are my parents, my path is influenced by theirs and so is my perspective. However, there’s not much of a conscious influence from their music to mine.

-Where did it all begin? I mean ,your passion for music.

– Who knows where it began, I have verses from 3rd grade up till now but I remember the significant moments of development. It was in middle when free styling became the daily ritual and I really started sharpening my skills because of that with out even noticing that I’m getting tremendously better from this new habit, because I did it for fun not for growth. Then come 15 made my first song nd video in Paris with Cool Connexion. Then it was 18 I stopped going to school and really went all in..

-What about school?Still not planning to go back?

When I think about school I think about inspiring kids to start doing what they love now. I see my self talking to students about life and creating careers that’s revolve around what they are most passionate about.

-Who do you listen to the most  these days ?

-I’m not listening to much music out side of my creation and what’s playing when I walk in a room. I’m just creating new content, developing the brand, reading a lot and watching a lot of interviews.

-Who influences you the most?

-I influence my self most, I explore the world around me and choose what I want to make apart of me and what I don’t want in my life. I learn what I want to learn and express how I feel. Grabbing from the experiences life offers me.

-If you were given the choice to choose between JMSN and let’s say TheWeknd to collaborate  on a project ,who would you choose?Why?

-The weekend cause I don’t know who JMSN is and I digg the feeling of the weekends sound.

-How did you link up wit ASAP?

-I met ASAP NAST at my first show in NY which really was an open mic in time squar held by « Nice in Harlem » who currently is building a dope clothing line called « influential ». None the less Nast stood out as a dope MC and ive seen him around for a minute before we actually met. So there we exchanged energy and contacts and from there we start linking more consistently, building on some Mc to Mc shit. Through him I was able to start and build relationship with some other cats in ASAP and through my relationship with ASAP and watching them come up I gained valuable insight into the industry.

-It’s been two years since you released your first song ,”Self Reflection”, if asked to , would you be able to break down  any line from that song ?

– » I dream to dream consciously living life as a flash back “

I wished to be able to see & experience my vision ( what I want in life) mentally and spiritually before it actualized, and by the time it’s made manifested and actualized I am re living what I previously visualized as if it’s a flash back of any experience I already had, essentially I’m talking about creating your own reality and experiences consciously.

-Do they still have to you the same meanings as back then?

– I wrote and expressed those lines before actually understanding what I meant at the time, I just felt it. I had to live a little more to let this feeling come to light to the point where I can see what I’m talking about through experience and then have a better understanding of it.

-Where do see yourself as an artist in like 5 year ?

-A world leader.

-What are you  currently working on?

-An EP called STIMULATION and an Album called  » Book of Salomon Faye “.

-When can we expect something new from you?


-Any words for those afraid of doing what they really want to commit to?

-Do what it is you’re scared to do and courage is not the absence of fear it is over coming it .

While waiting for something new from him, we  made a little playlist  to help you get familiar with his work .Waste no more time , press play!


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